How do we do it?

1% listing fee to Select Realty
3% selling agent fee
= 4% TOTAL!

No shortcuts, no hidden fees.

Over 90% of homes listed for sale are NOT sold by the listing agent.

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Select Realty
Full Service Broker
Full Service Broker
‘Discount’ Brokerage
Limited Services
Full 3% commission paid to
selling (buyer’s) agent?
Yes Yes Rarely – often discounted to 2.5%, 2%
or even less – BIG mistake!
Awesome home
descriptions in MLS/Online
Yes Sometimes Sometimes
MLS Listings? Yes Yes Sometimes (extra fees may apply)
Supra Electronic Lock Box
system tracking access to
your home
Yes Yes Sometimes
Low listing fees? Yes No Sometimes
Single Agency option? Yes Sometimes Rarely
MASSIVE internet exposure? Yes Yes Sometimes
Run from low-cost
office space?
Yes No Rarely
Dedicated agents? Yes Yes Sometimes

Select Realty – Full-Service Real Estate for Less

Real Estate for a connected world

Select Realty is helping N.E. Florida homeowners get more money when they sell their home. Our TOTAL commission fee is just 4% while other brokers can charge 6% or more. Importantly we still pay the buyer-side agents a full 3% but we only charge 1% on the listing side so our sellers bank more cash.

How do we do it? We cut out the unnecessary expenses which are not required to sell your home – million-dollar offices, meeting rooms, high-back leather arm chairs, fancy reception areas, etc. But everything needed to sell your home is the same – our realtors work and communicate directly with you and will provide first-class quality and service to sell your home for the best price possible. Give us a call, text, or send a message through our contact form today!